Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday - Day 2

Supplies and Preparation

I had quite the advantage going into the challenge this year, I am using the same things I did last year!  I did however buy some yarn and covers, so I will include them into my list.

5 FST's - free
5 swaddle blankets from hospital - free
15 swaddle blankets from my first born in 2009 - free
4 snappi's - free (I did buy 2 new this year when my baby girl was born $3.95)
6 gerber flats - free
mosaic moon yarn for longies/shorties and such - $200 ( This is very good yarn and costs about $20 for 4 oz and each project is between 3 and 8 oz of yarn needed)
1 Kissus PUL cover - $8.00
2 Flip covers - $20.00

So in total I spent $231.95...Of course if I go by what I spent specifically for THIS event it would be $0.

So that is my list, I toss every diaper into the sink or bathtub and try to keep on top of washing every other diaper change, of course with a house full of 3 kids aged 4 and under, I occasionally get a bit behind :)

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