Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday - Day 1

Day 1 - Why take the Challenge?

What better way to get the word out about these ease and benefits of cloth diapering than showing how budget friendly it is and blogging about it :)  I took this challenge last year as well and had a wonderful time learning how to use and wash without the aid of modern convenience.  I was taking the challenge with my 1 yr old, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year I have a 7 week old and my now 2 yr old to diaper daily.

I have changed my dynamic a bit, last year I was washing only in the am and pm, this year I am washing after each or every other change.  Last year I tried many folding styles, this year I will be only using one.  I have chosen the "prefold" fold, since it is comparable to my daily prefolds.  We use both wool and PUL covers.

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