Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday - Day 2

Supplies and Preparation

I had quite the advantage going into the challenge this year, I am using the same things I did last year!  I did however buy some yarn and covers, so I will include them into my list.

5 FST's - free
5 swaddle blankets from hospital - free
15 swaddle blankets from my first born in 2009 - free
4 snappi's - free (I did buy 2 new this year when my baby girl was born $3.95)
6 gerber flats - free
mosaic moon yarn for longies/shorties and such - $200 ( This is very good yarn and costs about $20 for 4 oz and each project is between 3 and 8 oz of yarn needed)
1 Kissus PUL cover - $8.00
2 Flip covers - $20.00

So in total I spent $231.95...Of course if I go by what I spent specifically for THIS event it would be $0.

So that is my list, I toss every diaper into the sink or bathtub and try to keep on top of washing every other diaper change, of course with a house full of 3 kids aged 4 and under, I occasionally get a bit behind :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday - Day 1

Day 1 - Why take the Challenge?

What better way to get the word out about these ease and benefits of cloth diapering than showing how budget friendly it is and blogging about it :)  I took this challenge last year as well and had a wonderful time learning how to use and wash without the aid of modern convenience.  I was taking the challenge with my 1 yr old, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year I have a 7 week old and my now 2 yr old to diaper daily.

I have changed my dynamic a bit, last year I was washing only in the am and pm, this year I am washing after each or every other change.  Last year I tried many folding styles, this year I will be only using one.  I have chosen the "prefold" fold, since it is comparable to my daily prefolds.  We use both wool and PUL covers.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monday pre post for flats challenge

Here is a picture of my 29 lb 2 yr old wearing a receiving blanket for a flat diaper ...

And here is my 12 lb 6 oz  7 week old wearing a Gerber flat.

Can't wait to really get started on the challenge, and having two in diapers full time is definitely a challenge :)

Baby girl is almost 8 weeks old!

That's right, our little Lillian has made her debut and is already growing by leaps and bounds!  At birth Lillian Grace weighed in at 7 lbs 7.9 oz and was 21 1/2" long.  I had a wonderful labour and birth and other than the normal ups and downs of being a baby she is very laid back and a very happy girl.

Now, over 7 weeks later and she is 12 lbs 6 oz!  she is sweet, smiley and is definately a morning person.  She always wakes around 5:30  and when she's ready to join the family after breakfast she has a smile on her face .  I wanted to post a few pics of her and share the fun this week of the  Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry.

This will be my second year participating in the challenge and I will have both of my diapered babes in flats!  Daniel is now only diapered at night so he will not be participating.  Tomorrow is the start of the challenge, so I will be posting links and such so that you may read what others are learning from the challenge as well.  I will be completing my regular diaper laundry tonight and tomorrow morning, and then strictly handwashing for the next 7 days.