Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting Our Garden Started

Ah, springtime gives way to summer.  So here is what we've been up to lately.
These are the flowers I got from grandma a couple weeks ago, they are called cascading Petunias and they are white, purple and red.  Each day Daniel and I go outside and give them a little water, and dead head if needed.  they are getting bigger every day. 

This is our front flower bed, I have 3 Hostas and 2 Calla Lillies which I really hope make it through this season and return next year, they are one of my all time favorite flowers, and Daniel helped me weed and plant this garden while Joseph was taking his morning nap.  He is a very good helper.

At 9:30 this morning I taught my first ever Postnatal Yoga class at The Blue Cocoon in Montgomery, Ohio.  I was very pleased, even though I only had two moms and two babies, I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and watching the little ones play and coo.  Makes me miss that 'newborn' stage.

Joseph had his 15 month well check today and since I was teaching daddy got to take the boys to see Dr. Norby :)  They did wonderful!  Joseph is 22 lbs 6 1/2 oz.  and 32.5 " tall....slated to be 6'1"-6'2" as an adult!

Class ended at 10:30 and then we packed the whole family in the car and went to Home Depot!  I must admit, this is one of my very favorite stores.  We always have such a fun time dreaming of ways to improve our home and our yard.  Recently, I have started line drying ALL of my laundry.  I have lines strung all over our back yard, and Brian is working on a project to make my laundry lines a little easier and look nicer.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with!  We also got our garden started, and since we just started it, you will have to excuse the mess of weeds, hope to have it all cleaned up tomorrow afternoon.  I also fixed up and planted Impatiens in my side flower bed which was barren except for a lonly Peony bushg that only ever gets one flower :(  It will be moving to the front yard for next year and will hopefully thrive in the bright sunshine :).

The boys, Brian and I had a wonderful time working in the dirt tonight, here are some pictures of how the flower beds and garden are shaping up.

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