Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 6

Day 6- Nicknames?

I have two nicknames, My Uncle David has always called me Kojak, this was because I was pretty much bald until I was 3, and then my Uncle Eddie called me Squee, but I am not sure what the meaning of that one is :)
Since this is my regular blog I wanted to add that tomorrow we will be taking our son D to see a urologist, not my idea of a wonderful start to the day, but I know he is in good hands at Children's Hospital.  Hope we get things taken care of quickly and smoothly.  
My little guy J made us all so proud today.  He is just 15 months old and made peepee on the potty twice today!!  We celebrated with mommy and big brother doing the potty dance, clapping and cheering for little brother :).  What an awesome way to end our day.

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