Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3

Day 3- 15 Interesting things about me!
This is going to be a fun one.   So here we go:

1.  My guilty pleasure-Starbucks and chocolate
2.  I can hand sew and work a sewing machine
3.  I have been crocheting since I was 14
4.  The woman I learned to crochet from was the same one who knew me as a baby in Germany and I had not seen since I was 3.
5. I learned how to knit 6 months ago from a good friend
6.  my hubby says I have gone 'Hippie' , and I am thrilled
7.  I cloth diaper my boys age 1 and 3, and am very much a breastfeeding advocate
8.  I hate driving, and would rather walk everywhere like I was able to do in Europe
9.  I love thrillers and horror movies.
10.  I am all about cloth not only for baby but for mommy as well, including mama cloth and cloth nursing pads.  Why would I put something on my body that I would not put on my children?
11.  I sleep with my eyes least some of the time.
12.  I do not have a green thumb, but I love to garden
13.  I do not like American drivers, I have several pet peves for driving ie:  not using a turn signal, riding on my butt, and driving through parking spaces
14.  I am a yogini, ( and a certified yoga instructor)
and practice every chance I get ( most of this includes playing as animals with the boys or practicing while I'm teaching)
15.  I never knew how much love I had in me until I had my boys, I am so in love with my husband and children :)
16.  I recently took up cake decorating, I love to bake but do not like to cook

Today we remembered my great Aunt Gloria.  She has been with our Father in Heaven for two years now, after losing her fight with liver failure.  We came together as family, friends and strangers to walk at Sawyer Point this morning for the Liver Life Walk.

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