Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daniel Surgery Set

As some of you may already know my Daniel is going in for surgery on Thursday the 14th.  Time is set for sometime between 7:30 am and noon.  We will find out for sure on Wednesday.  
Daniel is having a short procedure done called a Meatoplasty.  His Urethra is closing up and creating irritation and pain from time to time during urination, so he needs to have the opening dilated.   Our Dr. said this is fairly common in circumsized males, but not noticed until potty training.  We have a wonderful Dr. named Dr. Alam at Children's Hospital who will be taking care of Daniel.  He said it is a quick procedure, about 5 minutes long, but he will need to be knocked out.  Last night we got to take a tour of the same day surgery unit, to try and help Daniel and mommy and daddy prepare for what will be going on this Thursday.  Daniel did a wonderful job and was very brave letting him touch and smell some of the things around the hospital, and he even let us get a picture of him with his hat and gas mask on :).

Can't say I'm looking forward to all of this, but glad to be getting it taken care of now instead of waiting.  We will be sure to keep everyone posted on his surgery and recovery.
Tomorrow Daniel goes to his regular Peds Dr. to have his post op physical done.

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