Friday, June 1, 2012

A New Blog Challenge!!!

Day 1- Why am I doing this challenge?

So I am doing another blog Challenge, but this is a personal goal as well, the Challenge is to write a post everyday.  I love keeping a log of everything we experience as a family, but most of you know I am terrible at keeping things up to date.  I dislike that I don't share more frequently, because I don't write my memories anywhere else and this is my journal.  I want to remember everything, every moment of my children and my family.  This includes milestones and anything that is wonderful, but also those moments where I have to stop and pray for guidence,  and patience.  It is important to remember the good and the bad and that all of our experiences have a meaningful purpose.  I hope you all will follow and enjoy reading and being a part of my life as much as I love being a part of yours.


Trista Laborn said...

It is nice to get to know you!

CJR said...

I think we all are. Weather pictures, video or blogging, I'm always behind. Like today! We had a graduation party and I forgot my camera... I got to meet my new baby cousin, ugh! Looking forward to get to know ya'll!


Carmen said...

Tiffany, I'm excited to know you thru blog-land. I'm trying to find a link to follow your blog, but I think I'll just copy and paste the link to mine. We have Yoga in common and probably much more!