Friday, May 25, 2012

Flats Challenge Day 4

Well, yesterday we were in Indiana all day and did not get home till after 9pm, this meant mommy was exhausted and was not going to sit down at the computer, but was going to wash the diapers from the day, hang them on the line and go to bed :)   
So here is day 4's question: 
How do you feel about handwashing?
I must say, although I do not like handwashing everything, I feel that the flats have come much more clean from doing so.  They have no odor, even when DS has one on all night!  Can't say that for my BG's.  I think I may handwash all of my diapers next week and make sure they are squeaky clean!  My arms are sore from scrubbing, but even with all the wringing out of diapers my hands seem to be in relatively good condition.  I have also found out that snappis do NOT work well on flannel, and I am starting to get a blister on my right thumb from pushing pins through.

As I said we were in Indianna yesterday.  We went to visit a friend who is about 7 months pregnant and has a little girl who is almost 3.  We spent the day hiking, playing in the creek and just enjoying each others company while our children played together.  By the end of our day I had a pile of sundried(but not yet washed) diapers that I loaded in the back of the car to bring home to wash.

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