Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 5 of Flats Challenge

Day 5 -  What have I learned so far?

I am finding out how much I really love flats!  They are quick when you are low on your regular stash, they are handy as capes and other toys.They are super easy to clean!!!  I may not continue handwashing on a daily basis, but I will use it at least every couple of weeks because my diapers look and smell much cleaner.  
I used flats the whole time we were in Indiana and they worked out great.  I find it nice to not have super stinky diapers on little man first thing in the morning.  Normally he wakes up with an amonia smell in his he doesn't.  I may end up investing in a washboard at some point, but I gained knowledge and muscles from this challenge :)

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