Sunday, May 20, 2012

Building and Completion of the Swingset for the Grandkids

On Saturday the boys started building a swingset.  This is a gift for all of the great grandchildren from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Haungs.  The project was started around 2 pm on Saturday afternoon when Dad, Brian and Daniel started working on sorting and reading.  Daniel helped by bringing in pieces of wood and measuring :).

 The boys were such good sports about setting this up for the kids, and I think all the guys had a good time working on this project.

Both boys really enjoyed playing on the wood and using the ropes for the swings as a jump rope with grandma Diane.

Dad and Brian made a good team and even showed the boys what they were going to be doing.

Today we had some extra help!  Dan and Uncle Jason came over to help finish up this project.  I think they started around noon and finished up around 3 pm.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed swinging, climbing and sliding.  Thanks again to all involved for your hard work and help at making this fun jungle gym for all the kiddos, we love you guys!

What would our day have been if we could not end it with another little treat!  Thank you great grandma for the yummy ice cream cones :)

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