Sunday, May 20, 2012

2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

Yep, I am participating this year in the Flat and Handwashing Challenge!  I think most of my readers are family and all of you know that I chose a long time ago to cloth diaper my boys.I saw this challenge pop up a few weeks ago and had to write about it and experience it.  As a society we take so much for granted.  We are spoiled by our modern conveniences, and yet, there are still those who do not have these modern conveniences.  I have read stories of parents reusing diposable diapers because they can't afford to diaper their child.  Having used disposables as well I can understand this. Most diapers cost anywhere from $9 - $50 a pack!  When you think about how many diapers you go through in a year it adds up to a lot of money.  There are also no government programs for diapers, no WIC and no food stamps can be used for purchasing diapers.  In some articles I have read of people using a hair dryer to dry out a used diaper, dumping solid waste and then reusing again...this is not the way caring for your baby should be.  

prepping my flats for this weeks challenge :)

So tonight I prepped all of my 'diapers' for the challenge.  I am using swaddle blankets and gerber flats.  I may get a few more during the course of the week, but as it stands I have 12 of each.  I will be using ONLY flats for 7 days, handwashing and line drying.  Each day I will also be blogging.  I am looking forward to this experience and hope to encourage others that there are healthier less costly ways to diaper your child.

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