Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st Day of Flats Challenge Recap and start of Day 2

Okay, so here are some photos from day one of the challenge.  I must say for the most part it went very well, I did find that leaning over the bathtub to wash and rinse my diapers was something I will not do again. It is just to much pressure on the low back.  Instead our sink is now used s the wash basin.  Joseph does not seem to mind what diaper he is in so that is helpful too :).  

Luckily our weather has been nice so the diapers are able to be line dried outside.  Yesterday I did a total of two diaper loads and a few diapers on their own in between.  

Day 2
Tuesday-“What Supplies I am Using”

I decided to  go out and get a pack of flour sack towels as extras since they are pretty cheap, I am also using Gerber flats as doublers and a fair amount of  flannel swaddle blankets..  I am using pins and snappis for the challenge as well and my regular detergent to wash. I am using both PUL covers and wool, and I have the potty in the living room so that we can start using EC (Elimination Communication) and maybe catch a few in the potty :).  I am hopeful to learn some of his cues considering that since last night at bedtime we have gone through 6 or 7 diapers and that was before 8:30 this morning!  Hope we have as good a day as yesterday was.  I am definately missing my washer :)


Amanda said...

Ditto on the tub vs. the sink!! I am reading about a lot of people who are using the tub, and they must have stronger backs than me!

Charis's Mum said...

Love the shorties!! Did you knit them?