Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 7

Day 7 - What I have learned

Wow, this has been an incredible week, I am so happy with how well this has gone.  I was nervous about taking this challenge, if I could really stand doing this for a whole week, or if I would wimp out thinking about how much work this was going to be.

The crazy thing is, it wasn't a crazy amount of work, it was a little more than what I do on any normal day.  I try to make sure that I keep at least some order in the house, do several loads of laundry, try to get the dishes done and try to keep the house as held together as possible....unfortunately most of these chores get done late in the evening after the boys are in bed, because unless I put them in one room for the whole day, every time I clean it is a disaster within minutes :).

I LOVE the smell and brightness of my flats, I have noticed less odor, bright whiteness and an overall cleanliness that my diapers have shown over the last week.  I cannot even imagine what our savings is in water alone.

 I am contemplating doing the 30 day challenge that is running June 4 to July4, and if that goes well I will likely change over to full time handwashing.  I will also purchase a washboard :)  and discipline myself to work more on EC. 

 If I do the 30 day challenge I will update the blog frequently so if anyone wants to continue hearing about my handwashing journey make sure you 'follow' my blog :)

Ladies, it has been an incredible journey this week, I 
love reading your blogs and having a support system.

Please stop by and see what others are saying about their week of handwashing and flats

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Well, here are some pictures from the last couple of days.  It has been a lot of fun doing this challenge, I will be happy to have my washer back, but am seriously considering doing the 30 day challenge from June 4 to July 4, I can't help it, my diapers have never smelled cleaner :)  Besides, I know we are saving on our water usage by not using the washing machine as much.  If I didn't have so much regular laundry at a time we would likely be saving a ton :)

Day 6

Day 6- Husbands and flats

I told my DH at the beginning of this challenge I would not make it hard for him.  He really does not enjoy changing poopy CD's so I din't want to make it difficult.  Today was the first time all week I have left him with the boys, so I decided to use my flats as inserts for his Bum Genius.  I felt nice and relaxed as I left the house and went to Coney Island's Sunlite Pool to enjoy some alone time with nothing but the company of my grandmother, the smell of chlorine and sunscreen, and the feel of the hot sun and cold water.  It was incredible and hubby did a great job.  He did what I normally tell him to do, " leave the poopy diapers in the tub and I'll take care of it when I return home."  He has been a real trooper this week, although he occasionally reminds me I am going hippie :)  I love it!!!  I will post some pictures later on so be sure to check back, and don't forget to check what the other bloggers are saying!

Day 5 of Flats Challenge

Day 5 -  What have I learned so far?

I am finding out how much I really love flats!  They are quick when you are low on your regular stash, they are handy as capes and other toys.They are super easy to clean!!!  I may not continue handwashing on a daily basis, but I will use it at least every couple of weeks because my diapers look and smell much cleaner.  
I used flats the whole time we were in Indiana and they worked out great.  I find it nice to not have super stinky diapers on little man first thing in the morning.  Normally he wakes up with an amonia smell in his he doesn't.  I may end up investing in a washboard at some point, but I gained knowledge and muscles from this challenge :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flats Challenge Day 4

Well, yesterday we were in Indiana all day and did not get home till after 9pm, this meant mommy was exhausted and was not going to sit down at the computer, but was going to wash the diapers from the day, hang them on the line and go to bed :)   
So here is day 4's question: 
How do you feel about handwashing?
I must say, although I do not like handwashing everything, I feel that the flats have come much more clean from doing so.  They have no odor, even when DS has one on all night!  Can't say that for my BG's.  I think I may handwash all of my diapers next week and make sure they are squeaky clean!  My arms are sore from scrubbing, but even with all the wringing out of diapers my hands seem to be in relatively good condition.  I have also found out that snappis do NOT work well on flannel, and I am starting to get a blister on my right thumb from pushing pins through.

As I said we were in Indianna yesterday.  We went to visit a friend who is about 7 months pregnant and has a little girl who is almost 3.  We spent the day hiking, playing in the creek and just enjoying each others company while our children played together.  By the end of our day I had a pile of sundried(but not yet washed) diapers that I loaded in the back of the car to bring home to wash.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Continued

Today was much better!  BM's are more solid which is a deffinate plus in my book :).  HEre is how Joseph chose to use his flats today, as well as sitting on them and wrapping up in them like a blanket.  Everytime I try to fold them he sits on them and smile, such a silly boy.

Day 3 of flats challenge

So, this is from last night, the end of day2 of the flats and handwashing challenge.  Things went very smoothly yesterday save for 2 extremely messy diapers yuck!!!  Here are pictures of rinsing, wringing and hanging last night after the boys went to bed :)

Day 3-  How Do You Use Your Flats?

Well, right now they are all used as diapers of course!  I am having fun with this, but have been using only one fold, I am going to try the kite fold after naps today.  When they are just sitting around the house we use our flats as rags to clean up spills, this way the boys can help mommy clean up as well, burp rags, dust cloths and I think I even saw my 3 yr old with it tied over his shoulders like a cape :)

We have been out of the house all day today and just got back around 2 baby went almost right down for nap, my darling one year old is still talking away ( he went down at about 2:40)  Great experience all day today, so far so good :) 

As I stated, today I am going to try out some other folds, I have 3 I want to try : the Jo fold, the Kite fold and the Airplane fold.  We will see how things go from there :)  If you want to see what some of the other participants are saying, check out these other wonderful mama blogs 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st Day of Flats Challenge Recap and start of Day 2

Okay, so here are some photos from day one of the challenge.  I must say for the most part it went very well, I did find that leaning over the bathtub to wash and rinse my diapers was something I will not do again. It is just to much pressure on the low back.  Instead our sink is now used s the wash basin.  Joseph does not seem to mind what diaper he is in so that is helpful too :).  

Luckily our weather has been nice so the diapers are able to be line dried outside.  Yesterday I did a total of two diaper loads and a few diapers on their own in between.  

Day 2
Tuesday-“What Supplies I am Using”

I decided to  go out and get a pack of flour sack towels as extras since they are pretty cheap, I am also using Gerber flats as doublers and a fair amount of  flannel swaddle blankets..  I am using pins and snappis for the challenge as well and my regular detergent to wash. I am using both PUL covers and wool, and I have the potty in the living room so that we can start using EC (Elimination Communication) and maybe catch a few in the potty :).  I am hopeful to learn some of his cues considering that since last night at bedtime we have gone through 6 or 7 diapers and that was before 8:30 this morning!  Hope we have as good a day as yesterday was.  I am definately missing my washer :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

I am taking part in the Second Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry.  For 7 days I will be using only flat cloth diapers and handwashing them in an effort to prove that cloth diapering can be affordable and accessible to all.  You can learn more about the rules and why this challenge was started by visiting theannouncement post.  This year there are over 450 participants from all over the world!  

Monday- “What Do I Expect to Learn/ Why I’m Taking the Challenge”

I actually answered our first question a little bit last night.   I think as a society we are spoiled, and we take so many things for granted.  I have a washing machine and a dryer, we have a house in the burbs, we have two cars and a meal on our plate every day.  It is hard to imagine what things are like for a family who cannot afford these "luxuries"  So I am taking this challenge as a way to walk a day in someone else's shoes.  To show others how simple and inexpensive cloth can really be and to gain a better appreciation for the things we have in our live...those modern conveniences.

Keep your eyes peeled, tonight I will be adding pictures to show how our first day went! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

Yep, I am participating this year in the Flat and Handwashing Challenge!  I think most of my readers are family and all of you know that I chose a long time ago to cloth diaper my boys.I saw this challenge pop up a few weeks ago and had to write about it and experience it.  As a society we take so much for granted.  We are spoiled by our modern conveniences, and yet, there are still those who do not have these modern conveniences.  I have read stories of parents reusing diposable diapers because they can't afford to diaper their child.  Having used disposables as well I can understand this. Most diapers cost anywhere from $9 - $50 a pack!  When you think about how many diapers you go through in a year it adds up to a lot of money.  There are also no government programs for diapers, no WIC and no food stamps can be used for purchasing diapers.  In some articles I have read of people using a hair dryer to dry out a used diaper, dumping solid waste and then reusing again...this is not the way caring for your baby should be.  

prepping my flats for this weeks challenge :)

So tonight I prepped all of my 'diapers' for the challenge.  I am using swaddle blankets and gerber flats.  I may get a few more during the course of the week, but as it stands I have 12 of each.  I will be using ONLY flats for 7 days, handwashing and line drying.  Each day I will also be blogging.  I am looking forward to this experience and hope to encourage others that there are healthier less costly ways to diaper your child.

Building and Completion of the Swingset for the Grandkids

On Saturday the boys started building a swingset.  This is a gift for all of the great grandchildren from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Haungs.  The project was started around 2 pm on Saturday afternoon when Dad, Brian and Daniel started working on sorting and reading.  Daniel helped by bringing in pieces of wood and measuring :).

 The boys were such good sports about setting this up for the kids, and I think all the guys had a good time working on this project.

Both boys really enjoyed playing on the wood and using the ropes for the swings as a jump rope with grandma Diane.

Dad and Brian made a good team and even showed the boys what they were going to be doing.

Today we had some extra help!  Dan and Uncle Jason came over to help finish up this project.  I think they started around noon and finished up around 3 pm.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed swinging, climbing and sliding.  Thanks again to all involved for your hard work and help at making this fun jungle gym for all the kiddos, we love you guys!

What would our day have been if we could not end it with another little treat!  Thank you great grandma for the yummy ice cream cones :)