Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and the Shrine Circus

These last two weekends have been super busy for us.  We spent Easter weekend with Sitto and Pa this year.  We got to hike in the woods, play baseball and search for Easter Eggs.  The Easter bunny left the boys lots of cool toys and clothes.  We also went to church and ate lots of yummy food.  We love going to visit with Sitto and Pa and are looking forward to seeing them in a couple weeks when Daniel turns....3!

Yesterday morning I started teaching prenatal yoga at a place called The Blue Cocoon.  They are a lactation support center in Old Montgomery, Ohio and a wonderful place to speak with other women on their journey into motherhood.  It really is a wonderful place.  I only had 1 student in my first class, but have 4 women signed up and paid, so I hope to have more of a turnout next weekend.  
After I was done teaching, we all went to Cincinnati Gardens to see the Shrine Circus.  We all had a blast, Daniel got to meet and talk to a clown named Tear Drop, and he loved seeing the lions, tigers, bears and elephants.  It really was a neat show.  

Today we ended our weekend with Grandma Diane and grandpa Denny, celebrating a second Easter.  We walked through the yard to see all of the cleanup that's been going on...let me tell you, things are definitely looking better than they did a month ago.  We searched for Easter eggs, had lasagna for dinner, some candy and cake and ended our evening with bath time fun and Aladdin.  Both boys were zonked on Saturday as well as tonight, I think we all had a wonderful weekend.  

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