Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 2, 2009

I said in my last post that it was to be a happy one, and that I would write about the week prior a little later.  This blog is a journal for myself and my family, something we will be able to read later and share within our family.  

The first week in March was like a whirlwind, we found out that week that my uncles tumor is growing again, we will find out soon what treatment options are available, my uncle is a very strong willed individual, but we need to keep praying for him and his family.  We also lost one of my grandmothers sisters, Aunt Georgie.  I'm sure she is having a good old time with her parents and sisters, gardening and sending this beautiful spring weather to us, and watching over each of us.  To end our first week of March, a tornado devastated the town of Moscow, Ohio.  A place two of my aunts and their families call home.  This twister not only destroyed this town, but moved up into the towns of Felicity and Bethel which is where mom and dad live.  Although their home got away with minor damages, many of their neighbors were left with almost total devastation.   We will be keeping all of those affected by these terrible tornados in our prayers. In time the towns throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that were affected will begin to rebuild and come together once more as the wonderful communities they are.

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