Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Date night!

 One of the prettiest skylines I've ever seen,
Looking at Cincinnati and the Ohio River from Mitchells Fish Market in Newport Kentucky


Okay, so I thought I recently did a post, but I guess it's been a couple weeks :)   Brian and I had a pretty awesome weekend, besides the lack of sleep and the fact that after 40 yrs of hard work our hot water heater decided it was time to retire.  Brian and I FINALLY celebrated our 4th anniversary with a date at Mitchells Fish Market, followed by a 40th  birthday party for Jason's boyfriend Dan.  We had such a wonderful time, and now that we let my cousin Julia watch the boys, we will maybe do so more often :).  The last "date" we went on was last August to a wedding, so it has been a long stretch.  Now I feel like we have someone else who can allow us to go out for a little while without driving clear across town.  

Yummy birthday cake from Patricias Custom Cakes!

The boys and I have also been working in the garden over the past couple of days, which includes: digging, throwing dirt, pulling weeds, raking up Sweet Gum spiny balls, eating dirt and lots more!!!  Can't knock the great weather we've had over the last several weeks and I hope it continues. 

Joseph Mowing 

Daniel and daddy picking up Sweet Gum balls

 Daniel and mommy weeding


Joseph is no longer just taking a few steps, he is now trying to run, and he is a heck of a climber, I fear he will be the one to pull a chair into the kitchen to reach the cookie jar on the fridge :).  Daniel is doing really well, saying his prayers at dinner and bedtime every night and learning to share more each day with his brother.

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