Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Date night!

 One of the prettiest skylines I've ever seen,
Looking at Cincinnati and the Ohio River from Mitchells Fish Market in Newport Kentucky


Okay, so I thought I recently did a post, but I guess it's been a couple weeks :)   Brian and I had a pretty awesome weekend, besides the lack of sleep and the fact that after 40 yrs of hard work our hot water heater decided it was time to retire.  Brian and I FINALLY celebrated our 4th anniversary with a date at Mitchells Fish Market, followed by a 40th  birthday party for Jason's boyfriend Dan.  We had such a wonderful time, and now that we let my cousin Julia watch the boys, we will maybe do so more often :).  The last "date" we went on was last August to a wedding, so it has been a long stretch.  Now I feel like we have someone else who can allow us to go out for a little while without driving clear across town.  

Yummy birthday cake from Patricias Custom Cakes!

The boys and I have also been working in the garden over the past couple of days, which includes: digging, throwing dirt, pulling weeds, raking up Sweet Gum spiny balls, eating dirt and lots more!!!  Can't knock the great weather we've had over the last several weeks and I hope it continues. 

Joseph Mowing 

Daniel and daddy picking up Sweet Gum balls

 Daniel and mommy weeding


Joseph is no longer just taking a few steps, he is now trying to run, and he is a heck of a climber, I fear he will be the one to pull a chair into the kitchen to reach the cookie jar on the fridge :).  Daniel is doing really well, saying his prayers at dinner and bedtime every night and learning to share more each day with his brother.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 2, 2009

I said in my last post that it was to be a happy one, and that I would write about the week prior a little later.  This blog is a journal for myself and my family, something we will be able to read later and share within our family.  

The first week in March was like a whirlwind, we found out that week that my uncles tumor is growing again, we will find out soon what treatment options are available, my uncle is a very strong willed individual, but we need to keep praying for him and his family.  We also lost one of my grandmothers sisters, Aunt Georgie.  I'm sure she is having a good old time with her parents and sisters, gardening and sending this beautiful spring weather to us, and watching over each of us.  To end our first week of March, a tornado devastated the town of Moscow, Ohio.  A place two of my aunts and their families call home.  This twister not only destroyed this town, but moved up into the towns of Felicity and Bethel which is where mom and dad live.  Although their home got away with minor damages, many of their neighbors were left with almost total devastation.   We will be keeping all of those affected by these terrible tornados in our prayers. In time the towns throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that were affected will begin to rebuild and come together once more as the wonderful communities they are.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Joseph!

It's hard to believe another year has come and gone.  my little Joey just turned ONE!  He got to enjoy his Backyardigans birthday cake, and played with many of his friends.  We were so blessded to have the family here and friends joining us from all over the state.  It was a wonderful celebration to end the week.  I will blog about the other things that happened last week tonight, but this post is for fun time.  Joseph got many cool new puzzles and toys, and of course so did Daniel, It's hard to give to one child and leave the other empty handed.  The big hits were the Lightning McQueen car and Winnie the Pooh pusher.  All of the kids swarmed like vultures when these items were opened up.  Everyone took turns riding and pushing the toys :)  and Joseph did a really good job with sharing.  Oh!  He also took his first steps on his birthday, Thanks again Mary for finding out his trigger :)! 

The Cake

eating the cake

this is fun!

they took my cake!

oooohhhh toys!

thanks for the car uncle Bobby

Not reading the book in many years, one of the gifts Brian and I got for the boys was the book of The Lorax. Well, it has become a huge hit at our house and we even went and bought the original DVD last night,  Daniel loves it.

Rocking Horse from mommy, daddy and Daniel

Daniel enjoys rocking too.

Loves his Pooh

Today the boys and I enjoyed some outdoor fun in the garden, they love playing in mud, and eating it too :).

Joseph also had his 1 yr well check today:

21 lbs 3 oz weight
30.5" length
18.75 HC