Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Happened To Winter?

I love seeing snow, how the white blanket covers our trees and yards and when the sun hits it it just sparkles....I also can't stand driving in it :)

We have had the most mild winter I have ever known in Cincinnati.  As a matter of fact, it has been so nice this week averaging in the 50's that Daniel, Joseph and I have been out and about in full force.  We went to the Zoo on Tuesday, spent Wednesday and Thursday at the park and will be back at the Zoo with our friends Nichole, Asher and Naphtali tomorrow.  We have been in light jackets and I even walked out yesterday to hang clothes in a t shirt and bare feet :)  How often does that happen in February!!?

Daniel is becoming such a big boy before my eyes, I know I will wake up one morning and he will be grown and I'll look back like it was a blink.  He is becoming a helper with Joey's diaper changes, running like a champ to grab a diaper or wipes, and he is two weeks into potty training.  He is doing a wonderful job with going number 1, number 2 will come in due time :).  We talk about how as a big boy he gets to wear super hero underpants and when he does both on the potty consistently we can start going to preschool.  He is really excited about school and the yellow buses.

Joseph is cruising around the house, not yet walking, but I assume he will be in the next couple of months.  So hard to believe that he will be ONE in a month!!!  My little baby will soon be a toddler.  Guess that means we will begin talking about number 3 in the not so distant future :).  

Being able to watch the boys play outdoors, I am actually quite happy with our lack of winter this year, I hope it continues so that we can start making a daily walk a habit again.

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