Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Mornings :)

Another day of wonderful yoga, I look forward to my two hours of mommy time every Sunday starting at 11.  It is just enough to revitalize me for the week ahead, and I still get to enjoy most of the day with my boys.  This has been a big weekend for mommy, I actually subbed for a gymnastics teacher yesterday, and today I am teaching yoga and then meeting with Susan, co owner of Cakery Bakery and one of mom's friends to discuss birthday cakes for the boys :)  This weekend of teaching will be what pays for Joseph's birthday cake!  I know It is easy and less expensive to make my own, but it is not something that will happen yearly and if I want to go a little crazy on my boys birthdays every few years I'm going to, that's why I'm mommy.

I also had to capture some pictures of my boys this morning.  Daniel was sharing his fruit loops with Joseph,  I love watching the boys be brothers :)

Mommy tried to catch a smile and missed.
My little ham :)

Best Friends

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