Sunday, February 19, 2012

So I just found out some great news!  We are going to have 3 new babies to join our extended family in 2012!  Baby H due February 14, well I guess this little man is a little past due and we hope to meet him in the next few days :), Baby H #2 due in June, and Baby K due in August.  So excited for all the new little ones coming.

During the day on Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather, Daniel and Joseph playing in the yard and drawing pictures with chalk, mommy hanging out the laundry, and daddy cleaned the cars.    Then we went to my cousin's to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Tomorrow we are going to Indiana to visit our good friends Lauren and Raven.  Lauren is a friend who went through TT with me at World Peace Yoga a few years ago.  We both went through our first pregnancies together and she is now due with her second baby in August.  Can't wait to let the kiddos play and hike tomorrow.  I will be sure to take pictures while we are there and post.

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