Friday, February 10, 2012

Snowy Day

So what does this mama do on a snowy and cold day with two little guys?  Well, since we have been at the park or zoo every day for almost 2 weeks we decided to have a movie day today!  I must say it felt pretty great to sit around most of the day cuddled under a blanket.  We did our share of playing trains, racing cars down the hallway and coloring, but mommy also got a lot of time to knit today :)  

After such a great day, we ended with a little quarrel between brothers...Joseph won this round.  Time and time again I warn Daniel that one of these times that he is pestering Joseph, Joey will fight back.  Today was the day, Daniel sat on top of him in the Mickey chair then stuck his face right in Joseph's.  Joseph made a few noises to let Daniel know he wasn't happy;when Daniel didn't back down he bit him, one of these days he will learn :)
Although I cuddled him and held an ice pack under his eye to help it feel better him, I also let both boys know mommy was not happy with either one of them, and biting is not something I will tolerate.  

All in all this has been a wonderful week, such fun being able to enjoy the outdoors so much in the middle of winter.  

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