Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Week, and New Projects

Welcome Monday morning!!!  Although I hate to have Brian go to work on Mondays, it is by far my favorite day, it is the start of a brand new week.  Looking outside this morning I see the sun shining and I know that we have so many fun things to do on a sunny day, even if it is a cold day :)  I know I will be hanging laundry out today, and there is nothing like the smell of laundry dried in the fresh air and sunshine.  We are going to play outside in the inch of snow we got over the weekend, we need to get some posterboard and envelopes to finish party favors and mail invitations for Joseph's birthday party....OMG my baby turns ONE in  about 2 1/2 weeks! How did that happen?

 sharing food and trains
 Look mama, no hands!  I can stand all by myself!

I talked with mom's friend Susan yesterday, and I think we decided on a big birthday cupcake for Joseph and then I will bake something too and let everyone decorate :)  The theme for Joseph's party:  The Backyardigans,  he watches and dances to the music every time they come on, kind of like Daniel was with Thomas.
  I also have more craft items I'm working on, like the little afghan for Claire, and I want to make a couple of sweaters for the boys...knit items work up so much faster than crochet, and I need to finish the boys PJ's.  Busy, busy mommy.  Hope this week is open enough that I can punch a lot of what I need to get done out.  Plus I have a ton of clean up and organizing that needs to get done.

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