Monday, February 13, 2012

Love My Boys

My boys are so much fun, today we went to the craft store and got some projects for Valentines Day.  Daniel painted a magnet of Scooby Doo, and tomorrow we are going to make pink and red flowers out of coffee filters.  

Both boys played very well and on their own after naptime today, I even made dinner without having to run out of the kitchen 50 times to stop Daniel from climbing over Joseph.  Joseph played quietly in the playroom and Daniel colored and drew pictures on his easel.  Then we all watched Jake and The Neverland Pirates was a special episode with the return of Peter Pan.  

Stacking cups
Stacking Cups
A picture per Daniel's request, he is such a little ham...just like his mommy :)

I was able to get one room in the house at least fairly clean, now tomorrow onto the other rooms in the downstairs.  Lots of laundry was done today, dishes were done, and now it's time to craft and relax with my main squeeze :)  I love my life.

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