Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy First Weekend in February!!!

Is it really February already?!  Why yes it is.  This month should be a lot of fun for our family.  Mommy is having so much fun teaching on Sundays, my beginners class is packed with 15-20 students each time.  I am loving the adult interaction with my new friends at You Do Yoga.  This weekend mommy is going out for an evening to see Ceasar at the Taft Theatre (aka the dog whisperer) I am looking forward to a night of food and talk with my parents.  

We had an awesome week considering that we saw sunny skies and temps to almost 60 all week.  The boys and I were able to get out and walk at the zoo, play with our friends and go to the parks.  So far this morning although cooler is starting out dry...I thought we were supposed to be pounded by rainfall, we'll see how the day progresses :).  A new baby will be born this month on the Snodgrass side, he is due on Valentines Day.  I am planning on finishing projects and preparing for my first craft show, with having to get license and permits I might have to postpone until May, but hey, that gives me more time to prepare.  My Uncle Tim is also home now, he had a stroke a couple weeks ago and his heart was not doing well either.  He got to come home yesterday and with the help of family and friends his recovery will be at least a bit easier.  He still has a long way to go, and I hope you all will keep him and his family in your prayers.

This week Daniel said he had to go potty a couple of times, got on the potty and went peepee!  Joseph is also becoming a brave boy, he is starting to let go and stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything.  Only a matter of time and our little man will be walking....then running ha ha.  

Today I learned something, I need to look at a recipe when making whole wheat pancakes, I used some substitutions in a vegan recipe and they were soooo thick I could barely eat them.  Oh well, I will ask around and get a good recipe to share later.  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekemd.

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