Monday, February 6, 2012

Cesar Milan at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati!

Last night I was able to enjoy a child free evening with my mom and dad, this is rare and I took advantage of the time to laugh and talk with them uninterrupted :)  

Last night we went to Don Pablos for dinner around 5 pm in Newport, KY.  I must say my salad was delicious, everything tasted so fresh and it was an enormous portion.  Then we drove over to the Taft and listened to the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan.  We had a wonderful time, he tald stories of how he started in his profession and most of them were quite comical, he also gave some really good suggestions in his lecture.  All in all a great night I just need an evening out with Brian.  I guess we will be getting one soon considering we have an anniversary coming up!

Today, the boys and I met up with our cousins at the Zoo, I am amazed by the weather we are having, and so thankful to have some of our extended family near enough that we can get together with our kiddos as often as we do.  Now I have to find a way to lure my SIL and BIL back to Ohio.  Maybe in a few years they will come closer to home, but for now I guess we will try to skype and save some money for a trip to Portland.  

I think we will try and hit the park tomorrow, since later in the week we will be getting rain :(  I truly hope that our spring and summer are as mild as this winter has been. 

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention, Brian is making Dopplebach now.  It is his second home brew, and should be ready for consumption just in time for Joseph's birthday party :)!

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