Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Back!!

So much has gone on in the past few months, but I will just fill in some of the details.  

Brian is doing wonderful right now, aside from the fact that we have so much going on at home, he is helping me with many of my new ventures, as well as studying for his Actuarial Exam which he will be taking in January.  Be sure to wish him luck as this is a difficult test and he needs as much support as we can give him.  He is a wonderful husband and father, spends much of his time helping me out with the boys and reassuring me that everything will be okay, especially when I am feeling down.  He is the most giving man I know and likes to share his visions and dreams for our future.  

Daniel has started, well, some potty training.  We are going to start really working on this new skill this week since there is not much else we need to do.  We will be trying every hour and right before and after bedtimes and naptime.  We are now working on prayer time before bed and although he does not yet have the hang of the sign of the cross he looks so darn cute trying :)  We are working with play doh a lot more now, and he is trying very hard to color inside the lines in his coloring books.  He is a wonderful big brother and calls for Joey to come in and play trains several times throughout the day, tells mommy when Joseph spits up (which is a rarity now) and even grabs the wipes for Joseph's diaper changes.  

We went to Sitto and Pa's house over this past weekend and one of the funniest things Daniel said to Brian after getting up from a nap was "Mommy will never see me in time out again."  Ha ha, I guess you now know he has been frequenting the corner at home :)  All part of the fun of growing up!

Joseph is hitting many big milestones!  He is eating everything and anything he can get his hands on and has a huge appetite.  Loves playing with cars and of course his brother's trains; he recently has started trying to walk behind his push toys, I do believe we will have two little men running around our house in the next couple of months.

People have already been asking when the next Kandell will grace our home...I will tell you that yes, we are contemplating another child in our future, but this is at least another year away.  We have had March and May babies and I would like to have a summer baby the next time.  This means we will not even be trying for close to another year.  Right now we are very happy watching our beautiful boy learn and grow, seeing the little men they are becoming.  

I have recently started teaching again!  I teach Kids Yoga and will start a Gentle Yoga class on New Years Day.  I am vcery excited to be with so many beautiful people again.  It is a wonderful and fun community.  I am also starting my own business for mom and baby. It is currently called Bubbles and Bows, but with the new year we will be changing our name to Earth Mother Moon Baby.  I am very excited to add this to my list of activities and enjoy creating for others :)  I am also going to be an aunt in just a matter of days, baby girl Kandell is due on Christmas Day 2011!

I will try to carve out more time to post as I had not done so since July...there really is no excuse, but I hope to be posting weekly if not daily from now on :)  
Love and Peace to all and many blessings

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