Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

Okay, I know this is an old picture...but it shows the excitement and the love I have for the practice of yoga, I am going to make this practice a part of my day again.  I practice at least once every two to three days with Joseph, but I rarely take the time to practice for myself.  I have cut my hair supper short, I feel good about my body and where I am physically and emotionally after the birth of my second son.  I had fallen into a rut, but am starting to feel like myself again.  This picture was taken just days before finding out I was pregnant with Daniel, I waited close to 14 months before going back to teaching.  I have a possible opportunity now with one of my mentors.  My friend and teacher is opening a second studio in Anderson, Ohio which is very close to my grandmothers home.  He has already sent me a text and vmail asking when we can get together and discuss teaching some classes.  I really feel this could be the opportunity I've been waiting for.  I will update later this week on how it all goes.  If this comes about I will be able to start teaching in September!
I feel this will open more doors to continue my study, and further enhance my passion for the practice.

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