Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

Okay, I know this is an old picture...but it shows the excitement and the love I have for the practice of yoga, I am going to make this practice a part of my day again.  I practice at least once every two to three days with Joseph, but I rarely take the time to practice for myself.  I have cut my hair supper short, I feel good about my body and where I am physically and emotionally after the birth of my second son.  I had fallen into a rut, but am starting to feel like myself again.  This picture was taken just days before finding out I was pregnant with Daniel, I waited close to 14 months before going back to teaching.  I have a possible opportunity now with one of my mentors.  My friend and teacher is opening a second studio in Anderson, Ohio which is very close to my grandmothers home.  He has already sent me a text and vmail asking when we can get together and discuss teaching some classes.  I really feel this could be the opportunity I've been waiting for.  I will update later this week on how it all goes.  If this comes about I will be able to start teaching in September!
I feel this will open more doors to continue my study, and further enhance my passion for the practice.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Updates on the Kandells

It is so hard to believe how much the boys have grown in the past few months.  I am sorry to everyone that it has been such a long time since I last much has happened since Easter!  So I have decided that I need to update more frequently, I will try very hard to update at least once a week if not more.  So here we go, our May, June and July in review  :)

1.  Daniel has started taking gymnastics, and he does a wonderful job with it...he is becoming a better listener each time he goes to class and he got to show off for friends and family a few weeks ago.

2.  Daniel is cutting his 2 year molars!  He got his two bottom ones this past month, and I think he is feeling pressure now from his uppers.

3.  Found out that I am going to be an Aunt!!!  My sister in law Kate is due with her first baby Christmas Day 2011  :)

4.  Daniel is using his words more frequently, learning how to ask for things, tell people who he is and where he lives...we are now working on spelling our names.

5.  Daniel is becoming such a great helper with Joseph.  Often Daniel grabs a rag when he sees Joey spit up, asks to hold him or helps get what mommy needs to dress him.

6.  Joey started rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back, he is using his exersaucer, Johnny Jumper and playmat frequently.  He LOVES his Johnny Jumper!

7.  Joey cut his bottom central incisors in the past two weeks, beating Daniel by almost 3 weeks.  I think he is cutting his lateral incisors and his top central incisors as well., guessing we will see these in the next month or so.  

8.  Joey is starting to eat cereal occasionally, he is starting to reach for food, but is not big on actually putting food in his mouth yet.

9.  We now have two cribs in the upstairs den and Joey started sleeping at least part of the night in his crib this week.  Both boys are typically ready for bed around 8:30 in the evening.  

10.  Brian had a cyst removed from his neck this month and I chopped off my hair  :)  

As for Brian and I, we are enjoying watching our boys grow and change every day, seeing there smiling faces each morning is a beautiful start to each day.  I can't imagine what my life would be like without my beautiful boys and I feel blessed to have them in my life.  

Daniel, Joey and mommy cooling off while our AC was broken

Johnny Jumper

First Cereal

Ready to Go

Watching a butterfly

Daniel and Joey's bedroom

Good Morning!

Happy to hold his baby brother

 Hugs and kisses for Joey!

Daddy and Daniel

I am looking forward to the rest of summer, and am hoping Brian and I can get a date night sometime soon.  I think it is important to work on our relationship as a couple just like it is important to work on our relationship with the boys.  Thinking a movie night, or reds game and dinner is in order soon.