Thursday, April 7, 2011

Play Time With My Boys

What a wonderful week we have had!  My oldest boy is finally starting to come around and actually came up to sit next to me last night.  I was overjoyed to have him cuddle with me again...he has not come up to sit with me on his own since Joseph was born, normally he sits with me for about two seconds and I have to ASK him to sit with me.  This time, while mommy was rocking Joseph, Daniel decided he wanted to come up with us.  All three of us rocked and watched Tarzan.  

On Sunday afternoon we actually took both boys to the park, and Daniel was super excited to be riding in his little red wagon again.  He didn't even mind sharing it with Joseph  :).

Today I took the boys to Winton Woods park for the afternoon and then to lunch with daddy, we all had a great time and Daniel even took a nap for me from about 2:30 - 5:40!  This allowed me to enjoy some play time with Joseph too.  It was so cute this afternoon at the park...Daniel got to see lots of kids and even talked to a few of them.  What did he talk to these kids about?  If you guessed Thomas you would be correct.  He talked about Misty Island Rescue, Bash, Dash, Ferdinand, and even the shake shake bridge :)  He has become a very verbal little man.  Joseph is loving tummy time, and is starting to coo, even grin from time to time.  He is also gaining lots of strength in his neck and is lifting his chin up off the floor to look in front of him.  He is also trying very hard to roll over.  What a pair of little men I have to hang out with, and so much fun!

The Boys also had a visit from Grandma and grandpa Snodgrass yesterday...they played trains and watched Finding Nemo with Daniel; they rocked and played with Joseph too.  We had a great time, and mommy and grandma even went to Starbucks for a little treat while grandpa watched the boys  :)

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