Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Week!

I can simply state that we had an awesome, although slightly rainy week this week!  We started out our fantastic week with a visit from sitto.  We were so excited to see her, we had wonderful food, playtime at the park and even got to go to the zoo.....did I mention we also made BEER!

Sitto really seemed to enjoy her weekend with the boys and I know Daniel especially enjoyed seeing sitto.  Daniel made sure to invite sitto to play trains and watch Thomas videos from the moment she got up, till he finally crashed at night  :).  We took Sitto for a trip to Winton Woods:  Parky's Farm, so we could see the farm animals and play at the playground.  Then Brian made his beer which is an American Brown Ale, and then Monday we spent our day walking around the zoo, enjoying the zoo blooms and new baby Giraffe.

Then the rest of the week we were pretty well rained out from doing anything outdoors.  Weather man says this is our highest amount of rainfall on record for the month of April and we should expect another 4-6 inches by Thursday night =enormous amounts of flooding in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

Today was Easter Sunday...hope all of our friends and family enjoyed this special day.  We enjoyed our day with church this morning and spending time with mom, dad, Jason and Dan.  I was so happy the rain let up for a few hours and everyone had a safe drive over and a fun filled afternoon.  We enjoyed the company and I know Daniel and Joseph enjoyed all the goodies from the Easter Bunny, who made two stops to our house today  :).

Also, wanted to update everyone:  Daniel now weighs 31 lbs, and Joseph is 12.2 lbs, 23 1/2" long and has a head circumference of 15".  He is almost double the size Daniel was at a month old!Both boys are doing very well, Daniel is starting to memorize some of the nursery rhymes from the Bumper Book he got from Aunt Susie, and is beginning to "share" some items with Joseph.  Joseoh is doing very well at holding his head up, he enjoys watching Daniel play with his train track ( literally sat in my lap and had his eyes fixed on the train table watching Daniel play for about 1/2 hour straight).  He is also beginning to coo, smile and play more  :)

Here are some pictures from this week, please enjoy and God bless

Sitto and Daniel

Sitto and Joseph


NOW Daniel wants to sit in the baby swing  :)

One of my all time favorite photos!

Decorating Easter eggs

Daniel was having a great time putting stickers on his eggs...

and on mommy

Joseph watching Daniel play with the trains

Welcome Easter Bunny!

Actually came up and smiled for the camera

ready for church

Family photo, our first as a family of four  :)

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