Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome Joseph Robert Kandell!

Joseph Robert Kandell was born on March 3, 2011 at 1:58 am!  Joseph weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz and 22" long.  What a wonderful blessing on our family, and it was the labor and delivery I wanted...for the most part.  

Our Birth Story
(at least what I remember of it )

Brian and I went to my midwife appointment at 11:30 am on March 2.  I told the midwife that as long as I was 4 cm and favorable to go into labor I wanted to have my membranes stripped.  So when she said that I was 3-4 and 90-100% effaced I told her to go ahead.  I was a  little nervous about the pain I might experience from this induction method, but to my surprise it was only a little tender at certain times and didn't hurt at all.  This even surprised the midwife who said she was very rough with my membranes.  She was pretty certain I would be in recovery in the morning.  

After our appointment we came on home, and I prepared to take my other little man to the Dr.  Poor thing had a terrible cold, and we found out that he also had an ear infection.  Daniel's appointment was at 2 pm, and at this point while holding a screaming toddler in my arms I began to feel some mild cramps.  I figured it was just braxton hicks and nothing more.  Mom was with us, and we ended up having to pick up antibiotics and lunch while we were out with Daniel.  When we finally got back to the house, I'm guessing around 4 pm, I called Brian and let him know that I was beginning to feel a little bit more.  I was feeling some soreness in my back and then felt the recognizable contraction of my uterus.  Still, I was pretty sure these were still Braxton Hicks and that with rest they would go away.  I even told my mom she could go on home if she wanted and that Brian would be home soon.  My father told her she was not to leave me alone so she stayed with me until Brian got home.  At this point, I was experiencing these "contractions" about 5 -7 minutes apart.  

Brian walked in the door a little after 5 pm and mom decided that she needed to take Daniel with her, since I was having consistent contractions.  I figured the pain would be much more intense than what I was experiencing.  It was very tolerable, especially since I was already 4 cm.  I felt bad sending Daniel away, especially since my little boy was sick, and wanted to be with his mommy.  I decided to try and keep myself busy, but by the time mom left my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, and I was more comfortable when I was moving than when I tried to lay down or sit.  I called the hospital, and let the midwife on duty know how close my contractions were and how I was feeling.  She told me to come on in when I felt ready, and they would check to see if I was progressing.  I decided to wait a bit longer and worked on straightening up our bedroom a bit to prepare for our new arrival.  Brian took a quick shower and when he was done I told him we should probably go and get checked out.  

We put all of our bags and pillows into the car and off went to Good Samaritan Hospital.  I think it was sometime after 7 pm, and when they finally took me back and got me checked out, I was slightly disappointed.  I was informed that I was still 4 cm and 90-100% effaced.  I was given two options.  I could be admitted, walk around the hospital and get checked again in an hour, or I could take a couple sleeping pills, get something light to eat, and go home to try and relax...the sleeping pills were intended to relax me enough to get things moving and was assured that if I was in true labor I would not sleep through it!  

Brian and I decided to go home and rest.  When we left the hospital it was about 9 pm, Brian and I went to get the prescription for sleeping pills first, I was already feeling more uncomfortable and a contractions were now 3 minutes apart.  I went into Walgreens with Brian, and used him as my dancing partner whenever a contraction hit, that and the chairs in the pharmacy  :)  In the 15 minutes or so we were in Walgreens, I was getting very uncomfortable, but the pain was still tolerable.  

I told Brian I wanted to try and eat some soup before we went home, I did not want to run back to the hospital already and find out there was still no change.  So off to Ihop we went, so we could get a light meal.  Ihop is less than 5 minutes from Walgreens; by the time we got inside, ordered and took a few bites of our food, I was feeling the first real waves of labor pains and the contractions were now a minute or so apart.  I looked at Brian and said " It's time to go, I don't think we need to go home and wait, I think this is the real thing."  I can only imagine what the other people in the restaurant were thinking as I was moaning in pain and leaning on anything I could find during the contractions I was having in there.  

Off to the hospital we went, Brian racing down the expressway around 75 to 80 MPH.  We get to the hospital and my contractions were now one on top of the other, there were no breaks in between.  I was in a lot of pain and could barely manage to get myself in the wheelchair Brian had raced to find.  Running me to the elevators, only to find out that they were turned off at 8 pm, it was now just after 10.  Then running me down to the main entrance were we also were unable to get inside.  Brian started knocking on the door when he saw a nurse pass by us, and she looked at us and said, there was a call button we could have pushed to be let in.  And we were off again, racing to the elevators and down halls to triage.  When we got there, it was obvious that I was in labor, and in a little pain.  I was taken to a labor room, and when the midwife was able to check me she announced that I was now 8 cm or so.  I told them I wanted something for the pain and in what seemed like hours, although I' know it was minutes, I was given an epidural and was finally able to rest.

AAAHH resting!

A few hours later I was ready to push, Joseph was out in two pushes.  I am truly blessed and so grateful to all my friends and family for their support of a natural birth experience, especially Brian.  I love you all!

Welcome Joseph!

First time with mommy

First time with daddy

 cuddle time with mommy

 My boys finally meet :)

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