Monday, August 16, 2010

Entertrainment Junction

Wow, if you have never been to a model train expo...even if you have no interest in them, this is something you have to see.  Brian and I were like two kids in a candy store!  Daniel was so excited and happy to see Thomas and his friends.

Okay, guess I have to tell you all how we got to see these amazing trains.  Well, on Friday my grandmother and aunt went to Coney Island pool and the staff there was giving away tickets to Entertrainment Junction...FREE tickets!  So gram got us 4, then went back Saturday and got us 6 more.  It costs nothing for kids aged 3 and under, so we only had to use the tickets for Brian and I.  

What a place!  We walked through the front doors and Daniel got a huge smile, started kicking his feet in his stroller, and pointed at the giant mylar balloon in front of us shouting Ta, Ta!  This is Daniel's way of saying Thomas, and there were Thomas and his friends everywhere.  We went into the little store and there was more Thomas!  As well as lots of beautiful model trains and victorian doll houses and furniture. We got to walk through the train museum, the expo center, Daniel and I even took a ride on Thomas!  What a wonderful place for children and adults alike, we will definately go again!

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