Friday, June 11, 2010

First Big Boo boo

Wow, what a week we have had.  Last weekend was awesome; Daniel, Brian and I spent the weekend at Winton Woods Park.  We played on the slides at the playground, went to the water park, and even walked around Parky's Farm.  This really is a wonderful, and inexpensive way to spend a weekend.  

After such a great weekend I decided to take Daniel to the park on Tuesday to meet up with another mommy from church along with her two little ladies.  We were having such a good time sliding and playing hide and seek with th girls, but this fun was short lived when Daniel and I were sliding and his poor little foot slid under mommy...ouch, big boo boo.

I decided to give it a few hours to see if Daniel was going to just walk it off, check for bruising and make a long story short, we went to Children's twice this week in three days time and had x-rays done twice.  Thank the lord he is walking tonight and it is just a strain.  Made for an interesting week for all of us.  

Daniel is practicing feeding himself...he does a very good job, he is such a smart little boy.

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