Saturday, May 29, 2010

Recap of Events for May 2010

Wow!  This month has gone by super fast, and what a wonderful month it's been.  The first week in May of course my little man was sick  :( .  He was happy and smiling for his first birthday on May 4th and we had a wonderful party for him on May 8th, thanks again to all of our family who were able to come and celebrate Daniel's first year of life. 

This month was full of gardening and outdoor activities, I have started seeing my greens and squash come up and what a thrill to watch something grow that you have planted with your own two hands.  We got a swing to put out by our garden which Daniel loves, and we put up Daniel's water/sand table.  He has not experienced the water side yet, but he is enjoying spilling and playing with the sand  :).  

This past week we went to the Zoo twice!  Once with great grandma and once just me and my boy.  Daniel got to ride on the carousel, and pet goats and lambs in the petting zoo. We also got the chance to start meeting up for play dates with some of our moms group from church and we hope to get out with them much more.

Today we joined our family in welcoming Carla Lyle to the Snodgrass family.  Carla made a beautiful bride and we wish her and my cousin Brad the best of luck in their new life together.  We also gained another cousin, Carla's son Dylan.  Welcome to our family!

Well, the month is finally coming to a close, but what a wonderful month it's been.  I am looking forward to the start of summer; Tuesday Daniel gets to go to the swimming pool for the first time with mommy, great grandma and grandma Snodgrass...hope he has a ton of fun.  Goodnight all, and lots of love.

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