Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend

Sitto, Daniel and Mommy

Wow, busy but super fun. We could not have planned a better weekend if we tried. The weather was beautiful all weekend long, and we were blessed to be able to spend the days with family.

On Friday Sitto came down to Cincinnati to visit with us. Saturday night we had and Easter Eve dinner with Sitto, Uncle Jason and Grandma and Grandpa Snodgrass.Pork chops, cucumber salad, potatoes and carrot cake for desert...yummy.

Getting into his Easter basket

Easter morning, Daniel got to check out the basket that Easter Bunny left for him filled with new clothes and books! Then Sitto, Daddy, mommy and Daniel went to Easter Mass were my boy happily fell asleep for the whole service...thank goodness :). Sitto stayed for breakfast and then had to go back up north. Wish our visits could be longer...maybe in the summer.

daddy, mommy, sitto and Daniel

After Sitto left, we got ready to go visiting with the Haungs and Snodgrass sides of the family. We stopped by to visit Great grandma and grandpa first...Daniel got to dance to Miley and take a walk with great grandma.

Playing with Easter Bunny...his buddy all day on Sunday

Great Grandma took Daniel for a walk in the yard, then her and Great Grandpa danced to Miley Cyrus with him...he had such a fun time...he loves visiting his family!

Showing daddy what an accomplished pianist he is becoming
Dancing to Miley :)

Our next stop was up to Bethel to visit with grandma and grandpa Snodgrass. We got to have dinner with uncle Jason, and Daniel got two new outfits from his uncle for Easter. Grandma and grandpa set up a mini easter egg hunt in the front flowers for Daniel... he was more interested in the flowers, but that's ok, next year he'll dig it more. Then Daniel got to taste peeps and open his gift from uncle Jason...two new little rompers for summer...precious :) . We had such a wonderful and blessed weekend, hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well.

Playing with Grandpa

Walking with mommy to find the easter eggs

Thank you uncle Jason
Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Jason and Daniel

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