Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Playing Frisbee with Daddy

I can't be thankful enough for this wonderful weather we've had. Our temperature today topped out around 52 degrees, very light breeze and perfect for playtime out in the yard.

love the smell of laundry on a line

showing Daniel the afghan I am going to attempt to repair for Aunt Jane

Daniel is feeling the yarn and enjoying all of the beautiful colors

Our morning started out at church where little Daniel was having a slightly off day due to the loudness of the music in the parish . Daniel and I sat in the gathering space where the sun was hitting us from the windows, I was still able to hear a good part of mass, and we even made it back in for communion. We then went to Perkins for breakfast; Daniel got to try some new things today including hash browns, pancakes, and applesauce. He loved his breakfast very much, and decided to show us just how much by swaying his head and dancing in his high chair to Miley Cyrus...the boy is hooked on her song 'Party In The USA'.

"Here mommy, your turn." :)

Abby trying to influence Daniel to let her outside

We got home from lunch and Daniel and I took a 2 hour nap! When we got up, I asked Brian if he wanted to go outside and play for a bit so that's what we did. Daniel crawled around outside, felt the brown grass and crispy well as try to taste them...and played frisbee with daddy and I. We had such a fun filled and amazing weekend , I wish it wasn't ending. Tomorrow we are supposed to have more fantastic weather with a high nearing 60 degrees...back to the zoo, and to buy a walker with Grandpa Snodgrass. :)

Crisp Leaves
Yummy, yummy

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