Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is Near

Well, spring is right around the corner and Daniel and I are getting ready. We had a wonderful weekend with Sitto, she came down from northern Ohio on Friday and spent the whole weekend with us! We went to the new outlet mall in Cincinnati, and had a wonderful time... even though it rained the whole day. Mary and I both got a little something to take home, Mary bought Daniel his Easter suit, and a sweater with a bracelet, and I got a great deal on a new top and dress pants. Then in return for Brian babysitting, Mary made a wonderful dinner of Tuna, steak and potatoes...with Brian's expert grilling. :)

Today, Daniel and I went to visit with great grandma, and the rest of the Haungs clan, and grandpa even stopped by. We went shopping to get some special onsies for Daniel, that will soon be embroidered, and his first pair of shoes. One pair are classic white, the others are Timberland hiking boots. I was a little in shock at the price of baby shoes, but I guess it's something I'll have to get used to. Daniel will be ready to go walking/hiking with mommy and daddy this spring and summer.

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