Friday, March 26, 2010

Daniel Takes His First Steps

On Wednesday, Daniel and mommy went for a walk with our good friends Audrey and Kay. Our kids are getting so big, it's hard to believe they are almost one year old. As a matter of fact, Daniel will be one in just over a month!

After visiting with Kay and Audrey for a bit, we decided to visit with some other friends...Ande, Lauren and Raven. Raven is becoming a big girl as well, although she is younger than Daniel, she is now pulling herself up, crawling and trying to cruise. She helped mommy and daddy harvest vegetables for the farmers market. While we were there Daniel and I sampled 3 different types of sauerkraut, and learned that Day Lilly roots are edible, got to see a Jerusalem Artichoke and mommy bought some mustard greens ( which I have never had before) and stinging nettles for tea. We got home, started dinner; then daddy got home and started the grill. While he was outside Daniel took his first four steps...that's right...FOUR! I started hollering for Brian, I am sure he thought something was terribly wrong, but he was able to experience his next couple of steps.

Since Wednesday he just keeps on trying to step more and more, and he is a good walker..of course I may be a little partial, but I have such a talented little boy. I hope to get some pics up of him walking soon.

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