Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February with Sitto and Grandpa Glenn

Last weekend we took a little mini vacation to visit with Sitto and Grandpa. Brian was able to leave work early and we actually got there before 10 pm! We even got there in time for dinner!

Our weekend was filled with fun, Daniel let go of his farm and stood on his own for about 2 seconds, he also did a lot of stair climbing with Sitto and I always new he would be a gymnast. Why? You may ask. Daniel was doing pull ups on sitto's kitchen table... with just a hand under his bottom so he would not fall.

On Saturday morning, Mary, her friend Teressa and I went to yoga class together. To my joy it was an Iyengar yoga class which I have always wanted to try. Maureen was our instructors name...she was awesome!She new exactly where our trouble areas were and I am still feeling the benefits of our practice today.

Our weekend was wonderful...our trip home was a little rough. We stopped about 5 times...due Daniel screaming and finding that each time he was poopy...he never goes this much at home. So we get to about an hour away and mommy now has to potty and we are all hungry. I go into Wendys and as soon as I got in a stall a woman rushed in and started vomiting in the stall next to me. Since I see..hear... do where vomit is concerned, I had to stop going to the bathroom and plug my ears till she was done. After I got back in the car and told Brian, he pointed out that the same woman and her granddaughter were hurling in the parking lot as well. What a trip home, screaming, pooping, puking...double yucky!

We are home now safe and sound and everyone is doing great today. Hopefully our next trip up won't have as many yuckies

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