Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daniel is a Smart Boy

I know I just put up a post, but I had to mention that Daniel is a very smart little boy. He started doing a few new things this week. First off, on Friday, he finally started pulling himself up to a seated position all by himself. He has been doing "the lean" for a couple of months now, and we have been watiting for the moment when he would sit up all by himself. He also started pointing to objects and making a sound as if to ask "What is that?!" He started off doing this to the Black Beetle and the White Puppy in his Colors book from Sitto and grandpa Glenn. Tonight he pointed to items in the bathroom...the faucet, yellow sponge, and the plunger. He is also talking jibberish a lot more the past couple of days. Let's see, is there anything else? Yep, he now has eight teeth, and we think his molars are starting to bother him. Daniel goes to see Dr. Norby on Tuesday for his nine month well check and no shots, yipee! I will let everyone know how his appointment goes on Tuesday afternoon. Here are a few new pics from the last week...enjoy!

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