Friday, January 22, 2010

Visiting with the Great Grandparents

It was a gloomy, rainy, ugly day today...but the sun came out and Daniel and I got dressed and went across town to visit with Great grandma, grandpa and Uncle Dave. We got to the house were I talked grandma into going for a walk at the mall, and then we headed over to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. We got a few spools of yarn ( thanks to gram and gramps) and then headed back to the house.
My best friend recently asked me to be her new baby's Godmother, and I am just tickled. I told her today that I would like to make my Godchild a very special gift...his/her Christening Gown. Tina was overjoyed and I told her that I would have it done in plenty of time and would not make it too girly, just in case the babe ends up being another boy.
After we got back from shopping, we all had lunch and played with Daniel. Daniel and I had so much fun cruising around the living room and playing Grandma's piano. Yes, Daniel was playing the piano, he used to be afraid of it, but was banging on it today with no problem. He also decided to sit on Great Grandpa's lap today...with mom right beside him. He had so much fun feeling Grandpa's beard and finding his mouth, nose and eyes. This was a first, normally he screams when he gets to close to grandpa; today he was smiling and I was overjoyed to finally see a little connection between the two of them.
Daniel and I are looking forward to visiting the family again on Monday, and shopping next Wednesday with Grandma Snodgrass.

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