Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interesting tidbits about Daniel

Off to the land of Nod...

Just thought I'd share some interesting tidbits and photos about Daniel, who is currently in dreamland. In the past few weeks he has started standing, cruising and feeding himself (well, sort of). This boy is truly amazing. He is also beginning to make some new sounds, ra, ra, ra and that sound that you make when you hum and wiggle your fingers between your lips. He amazes me everyday with something new.

The new addition to his bedroom furniture, He decided last week he was going to use the bed rail as a teether :)
Here are some recent photos of our little peanut....

Daniel has decided that his diaper pails are interesting. :)
Feeding himself a wagon wheel
and drinking apple juice

Playing in his toy box

No, we did not beat our child, this is what happens when Daniel sleeps with his head right up against the bed slats, they went away after about half an hour.

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