Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year - begining 2010

We have had such a fun and exciting start to the new year, and we wish everyone peace, love and joy throughout 2010 and for many years to follow. With that said, here are a few updates...

Daniel is now trying to cruise. He pulled himself to standing on Christmas Eve and we have not been able to keep him on his tush since. :) It is so exciting watching our little boy grow and explore, you can see in his eyes how his mind is working to soak up anything and everything.
He is an amazing child, and I am so grateful to have him and Brian in my life.

He is figuring out how to find things that he wants to play with, and how to get in and out of his toy box.

One of my latest projects for Daniel. I love this pattern, and the hat is super warmBeautiful Dreamer

I have also started back to my yoga. After eight months of taking a break, I have decided that now is a great time to begin my practice again. I went a little hard on Friday last week, but I am finding time for myself everyday now, and am starting out slow. Surprisingly, I am now practicing headstand (bent knees) without the aid of a wall. I guess after childbirth and beginning this life with my son, my fear or intimidation of headstands is subsiding. I am also grateful to the two mamas I am sharing my love of yoga with right now. It is with their help that I will be finishing my prenatal certification before spring.

Here are some photos, from about 3 months postpardum, not bad while still carrying about 20 extra pounds :)

I am also beginning to see wonderful changes in my husband. His attitude, although sometimes down due to work is starting to pick back up. New prospects and new opportunities are always possible.

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I love the toybox pictures