Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday dinner with family

I am not going to post a full message here, just some images from dinner at Great grandma's... enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Visiting with the Great Grandparents

It was a gloomy, rainy, ugly day today...but the sun came out and Daniel and I got dressed and went across town to visit with Great grandma, grandpa and Uncle Dave. We got to the house were I talked grandma into going for a walk at the mall, and then we headed over to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. We got a few spools of yarn ( thanks to gram and gramps) and then headed back to the house.
My best friend recently asked me to be her new baby's Godmother, and I am just tickled. I told her today that I would like to make my Godchild a very special gift...his/her Christening Gown. Tina was overjoyed and I told her that I would have it done in plenty of time and would not make it too girly, just in case the babe ends up being another boy.
After we got back from shopping, we all had lunch and played with Daniel. Daniel and I had so much fun cruising around the living room and playing Grandma's piano. Yes, Daniel was playing the piano, he used to be afraid of it, but was banging on it today with no problem. He also decided to sit on Great Grandpa's lap today...with mom right beside him. He had so much fun feeling Grandpa's beard and finding his mouth, nose and eyes. This was a first, normally he screams when he gets to close to grandpa; today he was smiling and I was overjoyed to finally see a little connection between the two of them.
Daniel and I are looking forward to visiting the family again on Monday, and shopping next Wednesday with Grandma Snodgrass.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playdate with Audrey

Today was a gloomy and rainy day, so to lift up our spirits, Daniel and I picked up some Mc D's for lunch and headed over to visit with our good friends Kay and Audrey. Daniel and Audrey played for about 2 hrs today almost nonstop. They are so cute together I just had to take vsome pics to share. He is in this grabby-headbutt-biter stage, so he was trying to play rough. Mommy had to tell him he can't treat little ladies that way and he needs to be gentle. Hopefully we can start getting together for playdates more often, that way he can start socializing a bit more with
other babies.

Two little angels playing together

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interesting tidbits about Daniel

Off to the land of Nod...

Just thought I'd share some interesting tidbits and photos about Daniel, who is currently in dreamland. In the past few weeks he has started standing, cruising and feeding himself (well, sort of). This boy is truly amazing. He is also beginning to make some new sounds, ra, ra, ra and that sound that you make when you hum and wiggle your fingers between your lips. He amazes me everyday with something new.

The new addition to his bedroom furniture, He decided last week he was going to use the bed rail as a teether :)
Here are some recent photos of our little peanut....

Daniel has decided that his diaper pails are interesting. :)
Feeding himself a wagon wheel
and drinking apple juice

Playing in his toy box

No, we did not beat our child, this is what happens when Daniel sleeps with his head right up against the bed slats, they went away after about half an hour.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Austin's 1st Birthday

What a fun weekend we had, it was cousin Austin's first birthday party! Steph and Tyler did a wonderful job with all the decorations and yummy snacks. It is hard to believe our boys are growing up so fast, and that in just a few short months my little Daniel will be having his first birthday party too. Wow, I guess that means mommy has to start thinking up a guest list, oh my! Such an exciting event to be able to share.

Cake is GOOD!
Austin was a perfect little gentleman, he and Daniel carried on a couple of conversations, including one where Austin invited Daniel to go upstairs and see his pet fish. You could tell just by watching them, that one day these to boys are going to get into lots of mischief together. :)

Daniel says hey to Austin
Austin tells Daniel about his fish and asks if he wants to see them

Austin got many cool gifts including a wagon for the Zoo and his very first car...the best one on the market in fact. It is known as the best selling car in the United States. I think you all know the one I'm talking about, because we have all been in them at one time or another. That's right it's the little red and yellow coupe and he looked like such a doll it.

After the gifts were all opened, Austin got to have his birthday cake, and my goodness what a sight it was. He touched it and played with it first, not sure what he was supposed to do with it. Then mama Stephanie went over and helped him to taste...that was how she sealed the deal for him. He had no problem digging in after that and we took plenty of pictures with his face full of HALF of that birthday cake...that's right he ate half of that cake!

Austin is stylin' in his new coupe

We had a great time at the party, and Daniel did a great job, no fussing, or anything until we were about half way home. We can't wait to go and visit again soon, but our next jaunt is going to be to visit with Sitto and Grandpa in February. We will talk again with everyone soon and don't forget, it's Martin Luther King Day so please remember what this wonderful man did for our country.

The cousins playing together on the floor

A very happy boy who just had his first taste of chocolate cake!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year - begining 2010

We have had such a fun and exciting start to the new year, and we wish everyone peace, love and joy throughout 2010 and for many years to follow. With that said, here are a few updates...

Daniel is now trying to cruise. He pulled himself to standing on Christmas Eve and we have not been able to keep him on his tush since. :) It is so exciting watching our little boy grow and explore, you can see in his eyes how his mind is working to soak up anything and everything.
He is an amazing child, and I am so grateful to have him and Brian in my life.

He is figuring out how to find things that he wants to play with, and how to get in and out of his toy box.

One of my latest projects for Daniel. I love this pattern, and the hat is super warmBeautiful Dreamer

I have also started back to my yoga. After eight months of taking a break, I have decided that now is a great time to begin my practice again. I went a little hard on Friday last week, but I am finding time for myself everyday now, and am starting out slow. Surprisingly, I am now practicing headstand (bent knees) without the aid of a wall. I guess after childbirth and beginning this life with my son, my fear or intimidation of headstands is subsiding. I am also grateful to the two mamas I am sharing my love of yoga with right now. It is with their help that I will be finishing my prenatal certification before spring.

Here are some photos, from about 3 months postpardum, not bad while still carrying about 20 extra pounds :)

I am also beginning to see wonderful changes in my husband. His attitude, although sometimes down due to work is starting to pick back up. New prospects and new opportunities are always possible.