Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a wonderful weekend we had. Saturday was the beginning, Daniel, daddy and I went with grandma and grandpa Snodgrass, and grandma Haungs to see the Festival of lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. We got our Picture taken with Rudolph, and got to see many wonderful creatures. Our first stop was to the reptile hut...we saw several snakes, and we even saw a cute little gecko that reminded us of the Gieco gecko. From here we went to the Cat House, and for the first time in several years our zoo has meerkats (don't know if that's spelled correctly or not). Next stop was to get something to drink and feed Daniel. Daddy brought a cheese coney and a deep fried twinkie for us to munch on. We then headed over to visit the reindeer, they are beautiful animals, but after an hour and a half Daniel finally told us he had enough and was ready to go home. The lights at the park were beautiful, and although we lost battery we were able to get at least a few shots before returning home. I will post photos from the weekend later.

Sunday we went to aunt Alice and uncle Ricks' house in Columbus, Ohio for the Kandell white elephant Christmas. When we got there Daniel's cousin Austin was napping...something Daniel does rarely. Once Austin got up, Daniel was all over him. He doesn't get to see too many babies, so this was really exciting for him. Poor Austin though, every time Daniel would reach for him or head-butt him Austin would announce that he was not in the mood. I think by the end of the evening the boys were enjoying each others company more. Daniel was awake the whole day, but around seven he finally started feeling a bit overtired. He slept well last night, and had a wonderful day today.

This weeks agenda includes: Baking for cookie exchange on Thursday evening, making sure our home is at least presentable for Santa next week, Dinner with the grandparents at The Boathouse before they go to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (I will go next year by the way:)) and preparing for the baking madness of the week of Christmas. I love the holidays and have truly enjoyed all the fun we've been having.

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