Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kandell Christmas 2009

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year , I know the Kandells did. This was our first Christmas as a family. So here is a recap of our Christmas festivities.

Christmas Eve we went to Mass at St. Ann's at 5:30 p.m. We had a great mass and Daniel even fell asleep for parts of it. Maybe next year we'll go to midnight mass...we'll see . :)

Right after Christmas eve Mass
Daniel went to bed around 9:00 and while he was sleeping we caught Santa leaving gifts. We woke up at about 7:30 and went downstairs to see what Santa had left. Daniel made out this year with lots of toys, new clothes, ornaments and books. After we were finished opening our gifts, we went to grandma and grandpa Snodgrass' house for brunch and gift exchange.

We caught Santa leaving gifts

Mommy and Daniel say Merry Christmas!
Our New mixer from Santa. Now I can make pastries all year round, including homemade egg noodles, without as much work.
At Grandma and Grandpa's we had a wonderful brunch which included scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, then we unwrapped presents. Daniel had a lot of fun unwrapping gifts from his family, and when we all gave grandpa his gift he was like a little boy himself. I think Brian and grandpa both will get use out of his new driver. Mommy got an ipod, daddy got an external hard drive, and Daniel got to finish his collection of Pooh when Grandma gave him Eeyore. After such a great morning who could ask for more....

Grandma gets a backpack for the dogs

daddy put a bow on Daniel and made him go a little cross eyed :)External hard drive

Uncle Jason gave Daniel some stylin clothes from GapGrandpa's new driver
At 1:00 in the afternoon we headed to grandma and grandpa Haungs' house. Aunt Teressa and Uncle Ed were there, and we knew that Nick and Alysha would be there as well as our cousin's wife Courtney. We were so happy and surprised when our cousin Shawn came up the driveway. He had just went to Basic in Oklahoma and no one knew he was coming home for Christmas.

Daniel finds mommy's mouth

Grandma's new hat and scarf. I had just learned how to crochet cables, so grandma got the first cable crochet item. On December 26th we went to Northern Ohio to visit Sitto, Grandpa and uncle Bobby. We had a wonderful drive up and Daniel got some new toys from his Aunt and uncles, as well as more new books. We had a wonderful dinner whgich Uncle Bob and Grandpa used the new smoker to make. Sitto let Daniel taste many new things while we were visiting including smoked Briskit, apple juice and pizza! By the way, Daniel Looovves pizza :) At the end of our weekend Daniel got a visit from his godparents, Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave who brought him some more wonderful books for his home library. What an extraordinary year we have had. Daniel was born in May, and after seven months he still surprises us every day. Daniel learned how to pull himself up to standing on Christmas Eve.
Happy New Year!

Laugh and Learn Barn
Sitto tells Daniel about colors

Yum yum, pizza!Look at me Mama...

I'm a big boy!

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