Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting Ready for St.Nicholas Day and Christmas

Well, I had it in my mind to start decorating this week and so it has begun. See, I can finish some of the things I start. :) We don't have much to put up as you will see, but with a seven month old roaming around the house looking for trouble, I believe that less is more! This has always been one of my favorite times of the year. People are busy, many are happy, and I like to sit down listening to Christmas music and recalling my Christmases past.

Our German Christmas sticks out this year. Walking through cobblestone cities, sipping gluwein, and enjoying the kindness that Germany extends during the holiday season at their Christmas Markets. While we were in Germany we also began celebrating St. Nicholas Day which is December 6th. I don't think Mom and dad celebrate anymore, but it is a part of our german heritage, and something I want to share with my son. I will get him a small boot to put in his room and St. Nicholas will leave him a small token of sorts on Sunday morning. As he gets older I will enjoy sitting down every year and telling him about St. Nicholas Day and the spirit of Christmas.

Another tradition that I would like very much to bring back is our family's holiday baking. I remember the tins set out all over Grandma Snodgrass' house full of candies and cookies, and Grandma Haungs' house filled with the smell of cookies, and applesauce cakes. This year, during the week before Christmas Daniel and I will be spending our days at Grandma Haungs' house and at mom and dad's baking. Uncle Jason has decided he wants to spend time baking with us this year. I even talked to my cousin to get Grandma S's recipes for her candies.

As for shopping, We have most of this finished. We have just a few more items to order. Our Christmas cards should be ready to go out the week before Christmas, we are getting pictures done on Saturday. I am also hoping to take Daniel to the Festival of Lights this year, something I have always enjoyed myself.

To all our friends and family, we hope your season is as blessed and magical as ours, and we will see and talk to all of you very soon.

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