Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First bath with mommy in the big bathtub

Today has been a pretty good day. Poor little Daniel though, we woke up at about 7:30, nursed and then headed off to the Dr.'s at 9:00 for a N1H1 vaccine. :( I know, I know, some of you all don't agree with this, and trust me, it was not an easy decision for daddy and I to come to either. We want what's best for our boy though, and we felt it's better to be safe than sorry. Daniel is such a trooper though...he cried for only a moment when the shot was given and as soon as he was back in mommy's arms he had a smile on his face.

When we returned home Daniel and mommy played, and tried some yoga, and played some more. Around 12:30 mommy decided she was hungry and it was time to put Daniel down for a matter how long he cried. He just woke up and that puts his total nap time at 26 minutes today... I haven't even finished cooking my pasta yet. I love my boy to death, but I really need a break.

right after our yoga practice today

sponge bob makes it all better

getting into trouble

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marymom said...

I for one am glad you decided on the vaccine. I love the new diaper. Which one is this?