Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daniel Meets Santa

What a wonderful, beautiful day for pictures. That is what I was thinking as I got ready for our Christmas pictures at Olan Mills this morning. After getting my hair rinsed, teeth brushed, hair flat ironed and makeup on (everyone who knows me, knows that I never do either of these last two) I thought I was ready to go. Then Brian got in the shower. I knew Daniel had been fed and just needed to be dressed. I felt on top of my game until I noticed the time on the clock. It was9:30 and our appointment was at 10:00. So, calm as mommy could be she got Daniel's diapers and wipes packed, an extra burp cloth and bib, and waited patiently for daddy to be finished in the bathroom. I new we would be late, and although I would like to say it is all daddy (I love you baby), I know this time it was me. :) I lost track of time, so we ended up leaving around 10 minutes till ten.

I figured we'd be extremely late, but we only ended up being about 10 minutes past our scheduled time. The woman doing pictures had decided to let the 10:30 appointment go ahead, which we had no problem with. Then I felt bad, so we let the walk-in appointment and the 11:30 appointment go ahead and get their photos done. The noon appointment was already there, but I told Brian, "We need to take our turn, or we won't get one." I felt bad knowing that we had backed everything up, but I was happy when we got our pictures done and ordered.

Next Stop was Cincinnati Mills for pictures with Santa. We chose this location because we new there would not be many people there. We went to Santa without even waiting in line. Poor Daniel, he had such a good photo shoot earlier, and I was nervous about this Santa meeting. I walked him over, tried to relax myself, and put him on Santa's lap. I walked over to where the camera was..1..2..3.. Wwwaaaahhh!!! And my boy was not happy. He screamed so loud in that empty mall it echoed. We got 3 pics done though, one priceless, screaming photo of Daniel and two more with Daddy and mommy too.

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